Swimming With Sharks or Being Bare in Times Square? AFBC Wonders Which Borrowers Would Prefer for Getting Rid of Student Loans

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How far would some people go to have something like student loan debt forgiven or made easier to handle? There’s always a few willing to go to the highest extremes. But what lengths is the average person willing to go through? Depending on the debt amount, it could be a lot, and some more unique surveys have some interesting insight on that. American Financial Benefits Center (AFBC), a document preparation service company, has helped thousands of borrowers apply to enroll in income-driven repayment programs that have helped alleviate the need for extreme ideas about relieving student debt, but it’s still interesting to read how people respond to more unique hypothetical situations.

In a survey by MyBankTracker, questions about swimming with sharks, cutting off intimacy for a year or running nude through Times Square were posed to 1,010 individuals and, to some people, the numbers might be surprising. Others who might answer yes they’d be willing may say the numbers probably aren’t so surprising. Twenty-one percent of the survey takers responded saying yes they’d cut off all human contact for a year if it would get them out of student debt. Further breakdowns of the survey responses go into additional details such as age brackets and gender, giving more insight into what individuals are willing to do to be rid of their debt. “There’s always someone who has a weird situation they’ve thought of, like needing to eat a tomato to get out of a room filled with explosives and failing to do so. So, honestly, swimming with sharks to get rid of debt isn’t the strangest thing ever thought of,” said Sara Molina, manager at AFBC.

The sad part of this kind of survey is that it does demonstrate what some people feel it would take to get rid of student loan debt, though the situations are all only hypothetical and don’t have any real payout despite the willingness. For federal student loan borrowers, AFBC’s assistance and income-driven repayment plans have made it less hypothetically possible to handle student loan repayment and more of a reality. “Borrowers shouldn’t have to do mental gymnastics to figure out how to repay student loans while struggling financially. We’ve done our part with our clients to make that statement true,” said Molina.

There's always someone who has a weird situation they've thought of, like needing to eat a tomato to get out of a room filled with explosives and failing to do so. So, honestly, swimming with sharks to get rid of debt isn't the strangest thing ever thought of.

Sara Molina, Manager at AFBC

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